Monday, February 12, 2007

you just might like it.

i never thought i would be the one to make hearts, as it is so not my style, but someone asked me if i would make a heart object and this is what i did. they are like little heart organs fun to hold in your hand (or perhaps i have watched one too many episodes of grey's anatomy.......they seem to hold a lot of hearts). anyway, it's nice to be "forced" into doing something that you have NO desire to do and then to have the outcome be pleasantly surprising and even somewhat satisfying. it's kind of like this blogging business. i'm the LAST peson you would have expected to blog and it took me a long time to get here.....but i'm kind of liking it. it is strangely satisfying.

i think that everyday should be valentines day. it seems so odd to me when people scramble to buy candy and flowers and make dinner reservations all for this hallmark "day" to show your "love". this morning smoothie was made for me months ago. i'd like to think that love and loving gestures are abundant throughout the year. i am going to cherish all that i have every day and be grateful for all that i don't have every day. love should be a year round thing.

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valerie dunn said... are an inspiration to me...your views on life, enjoying what you have and what you don't. Living a moment at a time, taking time to enjoy the simple things, being spontaneous and playful. You help me to see and live life in a differnet enjoy!