Tuesday, August 7, 2007

so much fabric.....

.....so LITTLE time. i have extreme amounts of fabric that i have collected over many years and especially when i had my baby-blanket business (this is just a smidgen). i LOVE fabric. even if just folded and sitting on the shelf. i get great joy simply looking at all of the colours and patterns and textures. BUT i do have big plans for all of this fabric which i will hopefully get to SOMEDAY soon. but my work load lately has been one step forward....7 steps back. when will i learn how to say "NO" ?!?!?!?! especially with that big december holiday which is looming around the corner.....AND did i mention that i am taking the ENTIRE month of september off ?!?!?!? we are going to vermont, greece, and paris. but this dangling carrot makes it so much easier to justify my working day in and day out. for now, the fabric will have to wait.

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