Wednesday, October 24, 2007

get down to business...

last night i attended the biz lady meet up event that the amazing grace of design sponge put on. it was nice to finally put faces to some of the people i know only thru cyber space. there was a plethora of info given to the packed room of eager entrepreneurs. great advice about how to start up a business......what to do.....what NOT to do.........but somehow, it left me feeling a little bit ashamed about my own business........

for i didn't follow ANY of these rules. business plan ? what is THAT ? budget?.......huh ? goals ?.......what, are we playing soccer ? suffice to say, i didn't plan my just sort of happened while i wasn't looking. and ignorance IS bliss. isn't it ?

p.s....i don't expect to be asked to speak at the next biz lady meeting !!!

p.s.s...i'm STILL not following the rules !!!

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