Saturday, April 26, 2008

the prize jewel . . .

yesterday i had lunch with one of my all time favorite people, jeanine payer, and her 5.5 month old latest and greatest creation, WILLIAM !!! what a little golden nugget !  he is the cutest and calmest baby ever. perhaps it is all the poetry she read to him in gestation? she makes juggling a jewelry empire and mothering a child seem SO simple.

the first and last bracelets are my favorite jeanine payers' that i wear EVERY single day !

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Andrea Christie said...

hello, friend of Christa's here, a fellow clay-lady. When my son was born in 2004, my gift for becoming a Mama, was a ring of Jeanine's that reads "To see small beginnings is to be clear of sight."
It is so precious to me, and reminds me of the day he was born, and how that small beginning changed my life forever. How wonderful to stumble across a picture of her with her own little boy. Lovely!