Tuesday, July 29, 2008

down under.

every time i go out to retrieve the mail, i secretly hope there is a handwritten envelope or a nice looking package waiting there for me. sadly, this is rarely the case.  but not today, folks . . . . . . toDAY, i was greeted with a very handsome package all the way from australia.  a gift from the amazingly talented kylie johnson.  you see, one of the best perks about the blogging world is that you get to meet (cyber-ly) people from all over the globe.  one of my favorite blog-friend (blend? frog?) is kylie  johnson of paper boat press.  we bonded over the similarities,  yet dissimilarities, in our clay work.

she just had a book of her own poems published called count me the stars.   really beautiful poignant and lovely words.  i highly recommend it.  you'll want to read the entire book,  cover to cover, in ONE sitting.

but not only is she a published poet, she is an AMAZING clay artist.  this quote tag feels like butter in the hand.  i just want to take a BITE out of it.

thank you, kylie, for the wonderful and sweet surprise.

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