Thursday, July 17, 2008

important deadline.

my last big deadline was today. and now i am trying to stay OUT of my studio in order to plan my wedding, which is in . . . (gasp) . . .  3 weeks.  luckily, i work best under pressure and with very strict deadlines . . .  sort of like my good friend josie. 

we are actually getting married at city hall on the very auspicious day of 08/08/08, and then having a reception 2 days later on august 10th.  what started out as thoughts of a very simple dinner for 20 close friends + family, has somehow turned into more of a large dinner party for 100.  it doesn't help that my family tree is more like a family forest.  plus i think that people have been waiting a very long  time for this event,  and wouldn't dare miss it.

so, please bear with me for the next couple of weeks . . . if i owe you something or you order something or you need something from me,  i promise that you will eventually get it.




Best wishes...I'm sure it will be wonderful!

Zeynep said...

Aug 10 is my wedding anniversary. 12 years, this year. Good date. Hope you'll be very very very very happy!!!