Wednesday, September 24, 2008

lunenburg, nova scotia.

last night we pulled into this little town called lunenberg, and this morning we woke up to THIS picturesque view right out of our window.  time to go explore . . . 


Heather said...

Hey Rae! I bought a little salt container from you once and have been lurking on your blog ever since. Congrats on your wedding! I was also just married (June) and also headed to Nova Scotia for a honeymoon of sorts. We had a total blast, and I just wanted to say that our favorite place we ate in Halifax was Mezza; fancy Lebanese food - not the cheapest Lebanese food you can find there but oh-so-yummy. Enjoy your time up there.



Joyce said...

Ahhh... Rae what a sight to wake up to! I can't wait to hear about the places you will visit in Lunenberg.

jenny said...

Hi Rae!

Great to meet you in my shop (Jenny Jib) today. What a small world!
Lunenburg is a lovely place to visit and I highly recommend that everyone see Nova Scotia at least once!
I'll be in touch soon, and look forward to carrying more of your work soon!
Thanks again!