Monday, January 26, 2009

gung hai fat choy.

(happy new year).  today begins the year of the ox in the chinese zodiac. my aunt gave me this jacket that i wore at my wedding. the jacket belonged to my grandmother who passed away before i was born.  it is a beautiful handmade jacket with great detail and incredible hand stitching. she had the jacket made in china many many years ago.  it amazes and delights me that the jacket fit me so  perfectly. knowing that my grandmother and i were the exact same size makes me feel close to her in some odd way.  and though i never got the chance to meet her, i have the great privilege of owning a little piece of her.

i have some of these special year of the OX toilette plaques available here.

a few things you can do today to bring luck for the year:
1.  open the windows and doors.
2. eat sweets.
3. change the sheets on the bed.

a few things you should NOT do today.
1. get a haircut (just by chance, i have an appointment TOMORROW)
2. wear black or white.
3. wash your hair.
4. buy shoes.
5. sweep the floor.

i wish everyone a very happy and prosperous chinese new year.


RedHotPottery said...

dang--I already swept the floor this morning.....
and I really need to wash my hair. hmmmmm

cool stuff, btw. and the jacket is lovely!

Mel said...

oh my! i got a haircut that day AND they also washed my hair...
my mom used to have a calendar that would tell what to do each day (change sheets, wash hair, etc. just like you wrote them out). this must be some common universal knowledge?

/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / said...

what a handsome couple. i never wash or cut my hair nor do i do anything that will bring me bad luck. that said, good luck. love the sign, good show as always.

madame M. said...

Happy new year ! I celebrated the vietnamese new year last monday... Bye !