Wednesday, January 21, 2009

let the beauty you love . . .

be what you do.  here is some new work hot out of the kiln.  i love this poem and i try to live my life by these very words.  i feel really lucky to be doing what i truly love to do.   it makes working ridiculously long hours SO bearable. sometimes at the studio we all stop and realize how lucky we are to be able to play with MUD all day long.  we laugh for a minute and then we get right back to work.  we are truly lucky.

i also love eating raw walnuts.  they taste so earthy and unpretentious and natural. we had a huge walnut tree in our yard when i was small.  i can vividly remember climbing up that tree and sitting there eating walnuts right off the branches.  what a simple yet decadent memory.

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nicole said...

I love your work! I was given your "scoop & pour" set for Christmas.