Wednesday, January 14, 2009

today i was written about on 3 blogs:

1. gourmet worrier is a fantastic australian blog all about food.  ms. gourmet writes about recipes, products, food and life.  her anecdotes will draw you in like a great novel and she will fill you with a wealth of  culinary info.  i grew up in a restaurant and food, to me, is HUGELY important.  in fact there is not a single food that i don't like (though i could do without mint jelly....but my sister says that mint jelly is a condiment, so it doesn't really count).

2. stonz blog is a lovely and crafty blog all about the arts.  susan makes beautiful jewelry out of stones and sea glass that she finds on the beach.  i love her jewelry and her aesthetics. check out her store and you will see what i mean.

3. toujours dimanche  is a blog about this charming bakery + cafe in quebec, canada.  it's written in french and english. i don't know about you, but to me, everything sounds so much better in french.  this blog is such a treat.


miz katie said...

i love days like this. you feel so loved, i bet. aw!

Marie-Eve said...

Thank you very much for mentioning Toujours Dimanche here... your work is really one of my favourite finds lately. Simple and imperfect, white with words. Like I prefers.

MsGourmet said...

thanks for the kind words Rae!

SToNZ said...

what marie-eve said!

you are amazing...thanks for sharing your many gifts with us all...