Tuesday, March 31, 2009

love is everywhere.

the other day while walking to the ferry building for lunch, i spotted this smashed chewed gum on the sidewalk.  a perfectly shaped heart. i know that "people" say that you should walk with your head held high, but i am usually walking with my head DOWN, looking for hidden treasures on the ground that often go unnoticed.  i attribute this to being on the shorter side (5' 2").  my vantage point is more the ground rather than the sky, and i am constantly picking things up off the ground. at the end of the day, my pockets are filled like a 12 year old boy's.....i unload rusty washers, bottle caps, sea glass, rocks, money, doll parts, etc.... though most see it as junk, to me, they are treasures that i draw inspiration from.  i love old, worn, rusty things.

and though i am not a gum chewer myself, i find such inspiration from other people's gum chewing, after the fact.  for there is nothing more annoying to me then the sound of snapping gum.  ick. i'd much rather hear finger nails dragged down a chalkboard.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the Wall of Gum in Post Alley near Pike Place Market in Seattle? It puts a new spin on gum inspiration! And grosses me out at the same time on warm days - it smells bad.

Anonymous said...

Link to Wall of Gum photo

rae dunn. said...

dear anonymous...gross. i'd HATE to accidentally lean up against that wall on a hot sunny day.

thanks for sharing.