Tuesday, March 24, 2009

total disarray.

our beautiful studio is in complete and utter disarray.  the good news is that vik's bought our building and are opening their restaurant/retail space next door (which we are EXCITED about), but they had to do a little construction in our studio first. behind this plastic curtain, they are building us a new kitchen and mezzanine.  it'll be great to make use of our 25 foot high ceiling and to have our permanent photo booth upstairs along with tons of storage and perhaps an employee lounge ?!

but for now, we are in sheer hell.  yes, that is our microwave on a kiln and our refrigerator in the middle of the room.  and yes, that is multiple layers of dust covering every inch of the room.....and what is that i hear?  oh yes, the jackhammer.  and the smell?  oh, just the construction men using our bathroom AND smoking their cigarettes. they will be finished with our studio in 2 weeks, and then they will start on their restaurant. it will be just a few months of hell, as they expect to open in july.  but damn,  i should have planned my month-long-holiday early this year !


Whitney Smith said...

Guess I won't be hanging around drinking up the booze in your studio for a few weeks!

rae dunn. said...

what are you talking about ??? happy hour starts even EARLIER now. come on down !