Friday, April 10, 2009

friday field trip (from the sketchbook).

FIVE years later, this waitress found me on facebook and still has the rock that i left her !  her name is nuria gil and she now lives in England. she said that she carries that rock with her everywhere she moves to.

  the word was "hope."

girona, spain


g. said...

What an amazingly cool story. I LOVE it. Gave me chills!

NURIA said...

THANK U SO MUCH!!! im astonished to read my story on ur blog!! it sounds like a fairy tale :)

I'm so happy to had found u as the stone was so meaningfull at the exactly moment u gave me and that makes it so special!! u can not imagin!!

I tried to find u before to taLk to you and to know more about why u gave it to me as there were more people working in the restaurant and why HOPE.

I saw the name wrote on the back of the rock so i tried to find more information. i found some web pages but none had ur picture so i supposed that u had bought the stone somewhere and maybe you could be another person.

Now i'm living in England and facebook is imprescindible to know what's going on so i decided to try and that's when i found you!!! it's almost unbelievable!!

I was living in another places and i always carry the stone with me as an amulet


rae dunn. said...

NURIA......i have left literally hundreds of rocks around the world and just to know the fate of one of those rocks makes it all so worth it ! thank you so much for tracking me down.

it was a magical experience at el fort for us both!

mandys mom said...

Please, I must have a stone but I'd like my word to be ... lint! It's how I like to remember our time together and your beautiful cards. Have a Happy egg day!
Give Wilma a smooch,



rae dunn. said...

JOYCE !! i will gladly make you a LINT stone, you funny funny girl.