Tuesday, June 2, 2009


i have 2  lines of ceramic wares on the market. this has been somewhat confusing to many people.  one line is handmade by me, the other is manufactured. here is how it all came to be. i began selling my wares 13 years ago, making every single item by hand. this meant no molds, no castings, no interns, no employees, no accountants, no help.  just ME. making, glazing, firing, packing, shipping, promoting, accounting, etc . . . soon i was selling to 100 stores and working day and night, 7 days a week. i couldn't keep up.  there was a dreaded never ending to-do list at all times.  

serendipitously in 2003, magenta came into my life (with the help of whitney smith and the factory owner finding me at the palo alto clay + glass festival). this changed and saved my life completely . . . . and so was born RAE DUNN BY MAGENTA. this is a line that i design and make prototypes for. magenta then has it manufactured in china, markets, promotes, and sells it all across the globe. i barely have to lift a finger compared to what i WAS doing.

this has allowed me the time to focus on just a small exclusive line of handmade wares that i sell here and to a select group of stores.

if the piece is marked  "RAE DUNN," it was handmade by me. if  it is marked "RAE DUNN BY MAGENTA," it was manufactured by my pals at MAGENTA.

here are some of my manufactured items:

you can see more of this line here.


Anonymous said...

They look amazing. I am in the middle of the all day every day. I have so many ideas but there just aren't enough hours. This post has given me hope that there may be a bright light at the end of the nose to the grindstone tunnel.

rae dunn. said...

well . . . actually i STILL work every day ! just yesterday i said to my studio mate, josie, "i need 5 more hours in a day !!!" i think perhaps that creative people just have to create . . . it's in our blood. but we love it, RIGHT ?!

/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / said...

rae, i was hoping for 5 more days in the week. preferably on the weekend. i may put in a proposal. as always, you do beautiful verk.
yours, Chuck