Monday, July 20, 2009

i love COOKIES.

it is a huge honor for my CUSTOM BABY PLAQUE to be featured in the COOKIE MAGAZINE annual top 100 items. it's the AUGUST 2009 issue and you really do NOT have to be a parent to love this magazine. it is loaded with  great design ideas, inspiration and interesting articles.

i actually refer to these plaques as the "owen plaque," as my original baby plaque was made 13 years ago for my newborn nephew, owen. who knew that i would end up making these for thousands of other babies ?!  someday i will post photos of the evolution of these plaques. they have come a long way, baby.

you can order a plaque here, but orders taken now won't be ready until september.  i am taking the entire month of august off for travels in new england and lots of much needed r and r.


Linda Starr said...

Congratulations on your plaque making it into the top 100 and have a great vacation.

///////chuck////// said...

did someone say cookies? rae, you rock, like a rocking rockster rocking it. how's that? congrats.