Wednesday, July 8, 2009

the sweat shop.

josie, christa, and i have all been in the studio working long hard hours for our show which is THIS WEEKEND. it's been fun though, the late night happy hours, loud music, cookies, and such . . . . . . misery does love company, no? i have fired my big kiln about 6 times in the past month. but today we had ALL THREE kilns firing at once, to over 2,000 degrees each. does that make over 6,000 degrees of heat in the studio ?! sure felt like it. i was so ridiculously hot and sweaty in there that i had to call it a day at 5pm. it was a true sweat shop.

come by this weekend and see  our new work.

palo alto art center
1313 newell road @ embarcadero
sat + sun, 10-5


Linda Starr said...

mugs look great, have a good weekend at the show.

rae dunn. said...

thanks linda, i appreciate it !!

Kate said...

I want everything in this photo. :-)