Friday, January 29, 2010

friday field trip (from the sketchbook).

emeryville, ca
january 18, 2010

i have always been drawn to the moon. i feel connected to it, ruled by it, inspired by it, and moved by it. i truly believe that i am lunar powered. when there is a full moon, and for days prior, i literally feel different, like a buzz coursing through my veins. in 1992 i started keeping a moon journal, where i draw, sketch, and sometimes paint the moon. i love how it changes night after night. and then recently, i found out that i was actually born during a full moon . . . and now it all makes perfect sense.

(tomorrow night is the full moon)


Aondrea said...

That is so funny! I actually found out recently that I was born under a full moon too ~ I like to think we're moved by the moon and fed by the sun.

rae dunn. said...

. . . AND it explains why we are somewhat *lunatic* (in a good way) !

GrayFlannel said...

Love your sketchbook postings, they always make my day.

rae dunn. said...

THANK YOU gray flannel design girl ! i truly appreciate your comment (your blog and jewelry designs are lovely !).