Friday, April 23, 2010

friday field trip (from the sketch book).

san francisco

i discovered mulberries in 2003. such a sweet and delicate wee fruit. i found them very easy to eat by the basket full and they might just be the cutest little berries you will ever meet !

mulberry |ˈməlˌberē|
noun1 (also mulberry tree or bush) a small deciduous tree with broad leaves, native to the Far East and long cultivated elsewhere. GenusMorus, family Moraceae, in particular the white mulberry ( M. alba), originally grown for feeding silkworms, and the black (orcommon) mulberry ( M. nigra), grown for its fruit. See also paper mulberry .the dark red or white loganberrylike fruit of this tree.


Erin said...

Hi Rae,
It was good to meet you with Jesse last night at Gumps. Your pieces were beautiful.
I finally realized where I'd seen your work... Atelier Pouke! It is such a small world.

rae dunn. said...


it was nice to meet you last night, too ! 'tis a small world . . . pouké is a friend of mine and a GREAT artist !