Friday, July 2, 2010

friday field trip (from the sketch book).

guest artist: MAIRA KALMAN !

last night, jeanine + i went to the opening of maira kalman's show at the contemporary jewish museum. it was BREATHTAKING seeing her books come to life, i think my heart actually skipped a beat. i snapped this ONE blurry photo before quickly being told N O T to take pictures! damn. we even got to meet maira (i actually met her 18 years ago and she looks exactly the same). she is small, funny and quick witted, just like her work. the show is up for 2 months and i will be visiting it a LOT.

jeanine and i were somewhat star-struck, like 2 teenage girls. we came bearing gifts. jeanine gave her a silver bracelet . . . and i gave her a bag of rocks (how embarressing).


ang said...

how do theses galleries expect peeps work to get around the globe online if you cant take pics!!!! cool pieces!

Natalie Thiele said...

Lucky you! I love Maira's work. I had several of her children's books before I realized they were hers. I want to see the show.
Lucky Maira, too, she's got rocks and a bracelet!

basak said...

i love, love, love maira kalman! That exhibit is beautiful, I took Lula there and we enjoyed the little kids section together. I want to meet her, too!!!