Monday, July 26, 2010

i am a renegade.

i am back from a fabulous weekend in los angeles doing the renegade craft fair (complete with a nicole richie sighting + drinks on the beach). it was SUPER busy, SUPER hot, and SUPER fun. despite the fact that it started out on a rather grim note: my husband and i loaded the car to the rim, with not an inch of space left for even a stick of gum (luckily, i don't chew gum). we were ready to head out . . . only to notice that we had a flat tire. a FLAT TIRE ! but we got it fixed and had an easy drive there and back with not a trace of that infamous L.A. traffic.

this image was from a post on poppytalk.
thank you poppytalk people !


ang said...

hope you had some super sales...gorgeous work as always...:)

Linda Fahey said...

congrats Rae! looks and sounds like a great time.