Friday, August 27, 2010

friday field trip (from the sketch book).

emeryville, ca
november 2009

these might just be the perfect studio shoes. not only are they super comfy, but they are plastic/rubber and can be hosed down at the end of the day. and though they are not the cutest shoes in town (bordering on perhaps the ugliest ?), they add a bit of height and are easy to slip on and off . . . 2 of my shoe requirements. plus it doesn't hurt that they are dirt cheap !


Linda Fahey said...

Well, they look cute in this watercolor! I have 4 pair and they are the best studio shoes - and WAY cuter than crocs ;)

rae dunn. said...

linda, YOU are the reason i discovered these !! christa copied you. and i copied christa !!

p.s. . . you always have the cutest shoes !

Linda Fahey said...

Hey, good ideas are for sharing! I LOVE the super cute painting, Rae!

La Dolce Vita said...

just found your blog while out surfing the web this am, really like your work! I will have to come back and visit often!

Mary Camin said...

I'm going to copy you Rae! My feet have been hurting.
Long hours on concrete floors in my studio. I wore Dr Scholl's years ago and had forgotten about them.
thank you!

rae dunn. said...

good mary ! let me know how you like them. HEY did you know that i was born and raised in fresno ?! i go there every few months !