Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the SKETCHBOOK project.

i'm sending off my sketchbook today to go on tour with the sketchbook project. this is a traveling library of 28,836 artist's sketchbooks from 94 countries. the tour will go to brooklyn, austin, san francisco, portland (maine), altlanta, chicago, washington dc, and winter park (florida).

. . . my book is full of sketches, musings and findings of the beauty i see in the everyday, mundane and ordinary objects. hopefully the tour will land near YOU. i can't wait to see all of these sketchbooks under one roof !


jane said...


-Rob, Simple Circle Studios said...

Very cool! I always find it interesting to see what other artists deem worthy enough to make it into their sketchbooks. I think a lot of people do not realize how important sketchbooks can be to some artists. Personally, that is where all my ideas go, get processed and come back out of. That is why it really pissed me off last year when someone stole my sketchbook...Who the hell steals a sketchbook?!

rae dunn. said...

rob, i have multiple sketchbooks going at once ! to me they are VERY important. YIKES, i would be SO mad if someone stole one of my books. that's like stealing part of your brain or your journal. WHO would do such a thing ?!

molly said...

you did it.
i MEANT to do it.
but i gotta sign up for the next project. the photography project.

The Art Mill said...

Yay! I participated in the project too. I love your illustrations - such beautiful colors and style.