Friday, March 25, 2011

friday field trip (from the sketchbook).

berkeley, california

i used to love the sound of my aunties playing mahjong. i can still hear the clanking of the bone tiles and the chitter chatter of the women. it brings back such fond memories. later, when i learned how to play mahjong myself, i realized what a fun game it was and could completely understand why they would stay up all night playing. i even inherited my family's old set. mahjong, anyone ?


Anonymous said...

Can you believe I only played Mahjong online? I used to be addicted and I'd love to have a beautiful old set!

Camila F.

rae dunn. said...

that's great ! but i think that the online versions are nothing like the "real" game. and it's SO much fun when you play with other people. TOO bad you live so far otherwise we could start a mahjong CLUB !

molly said...

my mom is a HUGE mahjong player now, every monday, with a group of ladies. she's addicted. and now i've been asked to join a group of girls learning to play...but i'm so intimidated!
finding an old mahjong set is a good time!

Stacy W. said...

my mom wants you to design an entire mahjong set. she has a group of women who play weekly in new york.
wishing you a fabulously productive residency, especially in your new shoes.
x o x stacy