Wednesday, May 25, 2011

it's the small things.

why is it that everything looks better when it is small ? my favorite children's clothing store is cotton sheep in hayes valley. they have the MOST beautiful children's clothes from japan. so perfect and bite size. i always ask the owner why they can't make them just a tad bigger to fit me, and we always laugh and agree at the answer: "because it wouldn't be CUTE if it was any bigger !" well, the same goes for these little tea cups that i designed for jess brown. if they were any bigger, they would lose their cuteness factor for sure.


jane said...

wish they kept their cuteness when they were bigger, as i too wish certain children's items came in "my size".

Kathryn said...

What I love most about your cups is that little overlap detail you do, so wonderful! And of course, Jess's dolls are amazing, a perfect combination.