Friday, June 10, 2011

the right tool.

these are pretty much the only tools i brought with me to france. i am very much a "hands" on potter, my left thumb being my main tool + my coil building and smoothing device. the good news is that it makes for very light travel. one of my fellow residents, maja, brought a suitcase full of tools/supplies. we had a good laugh at the comparison, my tools were carried here in a pencil case !


Purky said...

Cool! So is that a brush and a needle tool?

I have a drawer full and only ever seem to end up using three plus my hands.

Really hope you have a good time in France and get inspired and make more awesome stuff :)

rae dunn. said...

thanks !

it's not a brush, it's a scoring tool !

FetishGhost said...

Our tools really do define our work. It's refreshing to break away from the comfort zone of the studio's tool stash and explore freely again.