Sunday, June 5, 2011

slowing down.

i was so anxious to touch clay and i love being in my simple + charming studio. i made all of this work (still in progress) in 2 days. i used a spanish white clay. it's super groggy. super wet. super great for coil building. hand building seems to fit in with the way of life here, it is very slow and un-rushed. people take their sweet time to do everything. i even notice what a fast walker i am, and am trying to slow down and reflect the rhythm of the town. i mean really, what IS the hurry ?


FetishGhost said...

I hadn't given much thought that a change in location would start to effect and recalibrate our the rhythms we are used to in the studio.

ang walford said...

how awesome! yeh being in a diff space really affects how you thing about the work too! enjoy ;)