Friday, September 23, 2011

santa's workshop is OPEN and CLOSED.

for some reason, the holiday crunch is hitting me much earlier this year and i am already swamped with holiday orders. for those of you who know me, you know that i am a one-girl-show. i have no help in the studio in any way, shape, or form. if you order something from my handmade line, i'm the one who made it, glazed it, packaged it, and shipped it. many of my friends think i am CRAZY not to have help in the studio. but this is how i like it. plus, my inner-ethic tells me that if my name is on the bottom of it, i should be the one who made it.

my manufactured line, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. this line is produced in a factory in the south of china (the same village where my father's family came from). i design the line, by magenta, and other people make it, glaze it, and ship it.

if you placed your holiday wholesale order with me early, thank you. if you have NOT placed your order, i am sorry to say that i can not take anymore wholesale orders this year. but you can always order my manufactured line here.


Anonymous said...

im an aussie that stumbled across your beautiful creations last time i visited the US in 2009. now i am back and actually studying ceramics in San Francisco, inspired by YOU! i love your 'inner-ethic' and it shows and comes through in your handmade pieces. cheers to being a little CRAZY and thank you for the honesty and integrity you show in this plastic world =)

rae dunn. said...

hey you aussie, where are you studying your ceramics ?! i'd love to see your work !