Wednesday, October 12, 2011


these are from my new hieroglyphic vase series HOT out of the kiln. i designed these in france but you can be the FIRST person in the U.S. to own one by entering the contest on my facebook page. the winner will be announced there on monday.

just go HERE to enter.
(for those of you who DON'T use facebook, my next giveaway will be right here)


Tracey Broome said...

ahhhh, sadly I'm not into facebook so I can't play, but my favorite word du jour is Sea....... because I spent the summer in Maine :)

rae dunn. said...

nice word, tracey. don't worry about the facebook thing, my next free giveaway will be done right HERE !

Kit Lang said...

Although I like you on Facebook and follow you here, alas, I live in Canada, not the U.S.

Still love your stuff though. :)

rae dunn. said...

Kit you can STILL ENTER !

Kit Lang said...

Oh cool! I will! :)