Monday, October 31, 2011

tattoo me.

last weekend i got my first tattoo . . . albeit a henna tattoo. i am quite enjoying looking at the ornate pattern on my wrist, and it alleviates choosing which bracelets to wear that day because it IS the bracelet. though i find some tattoos very beautiful, for me, i'm opting for the henna kind . . . i just don't have enough commitment in me to choose a permanent bracelet.


Kit Lang said...

I don't like pain - hence no tatoos for me! Love your henna bracelet though. What do the markings mean?

rae dunn. said...

kit, that's right, i forgot to mention the NEEDLES . . . not a big fan here. my friend, who has never done this before, did it on the fly. she made it up as she went along !

Kit Lang said...

Oh, that's cool. And more, y'know - ethncially responsible. :)