Wednesday, December 21, 2011

i'll drink to that.

my job is rather strange. i interact with hundreds of people that i never actually get to meet. mostly, people are quite wonderful in their communications and transactions, some not so good, and then there are those like ML who make my job worth it completely. a customer that you just *click* with, have great interactions with, who appreciates your time and talent, someone who just "gets it." ML wins my customer-of-the-month award, hands. down. this person actually sent ME this beautiful bottle of wine a few days ago. i was dumbstruck. i'm so used to doing the giving, that i forgot how NICE it is to be on the receiving end. THANK YOU so much, ML . . . and though we have never met in person, my cyber crush on you lives strong.

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Kit Lang said...

How lovely. :) Happy holidays to you both!