Wednesday, June 24, 2009

tea for two.

today i had the most delightful afternoon tea with my new friend pouké. she has a charming house in berkeley with a secret garden backyard and birds that visit and revisit her (she feeds them such delicacies !). what a tranquil hideaway and the perfect setting for an afternoon tea.

pouké is an exquisite french renaissance woman who can do just about anything. she is an accomplished food stylist (yes, she made the scones and the apricot tarts . . . delicious. oh, and she also made the tea from scratch and grew the herbs for the tea ! . . . see what i mean ?) . . . 

but she is also an amazing painter and photographer.  i utterly adore her paintings. they are beautifully simple and they draw you in until you can't stop looking at them. we met through our husbands and we were instantly drawn to each other.  i think we share a lot of the same sensibilities and aesthetics, which makes for a very easy and lovely friendship.

visit her incredible food blog, life blog, and website.

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