Sunday, June 21, 2009

lets face it.

i'm working on  a new series of shot glass/espresso cups with these funny little faces on them. i have an army of them waiting in line to dry and then to be fired, glazed, and fired again. i'm gearing up for the big  palo alto clay + glass festival  and will have a LOT of new work to show for myself. if you live in the bay area, it is a really fun outdoors event to attend, with over 100 artists and food and fun and sun. 

mark your calender and come visit me!

july 11 + 12
1313 newell road
palo alto, california


Kate said...

I LOVE these guys! I can't wait to see them in their final form. Probably will have to purchase one of these friendly faces for myself :-).

rae dunn. said...

thanks kate. the glaze can either make or break a piece. let's keep our fingers crossed !

Anonymous said...

cool... and with different expressions on their faces too

Linda Starr said...

I really like the mature look to their faces, their wrinkles.

rae dunn. said...

i think wrinkles are so much more interesting than a smooth porcelain type face !

Lori said...

Very nice. Give one a lopsided smile and glasses and . . . IT'S THE EGGMAN!!