Wednesday, September 16, 2009

the right tool.

i love old kitchen tools. they seem to be much higher in quality than tools of today and more earnest. i bought these tools at an antique store in san luis obispo. i am inspired by their shapes, their details, and their colours. plus they evoke a certain sense of nostalgia that makes me feel grounded.


Queen B. said...

i love kitchen tools also !!!!!!

red food colouring said...

these tools are fantastic, so rustic and full of history. they were built with the purpose of being around for a long time i think they will fulfill their duty.

came here from your etsy shop, i love it! i wrote a little post about it and you'll probably see an order from me soon!

rae dunn. said...

erin...thank you for the post on your FABULOUS blog ! these tools are now hanging on my kitchen wall. i love looking at them.