Friday, February 4, 2011

friday field trip (from the sketchbook).

november 2010
emeryville, ca

this is one of my favorite breakfasts (which i've been eating ever since my doctor reprimanded me). i do NOT like to eat real strawberries . . . i find those little pits quite annoying when they get stuck in my teeth, plus they are often too tart. BUT, i have ALWAYS loved fake strawberry flavoring. as a child, i would inevitably gravitate towards the strawberry soda and the strawberry milk. so for me, strawberry flavored kefir is the perfect way to start the day. i am also very excited about ODWALLA'S new strawberry protein monster drink. the flavor of it brings me right back to my childhood . . . and it's packed with protein, to boot !
(i also love these)


Kathryn said...

Lovely drawing! I think breakfast choices reveal the true side of a person ... you're way too healthy! I'm a chocolate croissant and coffee person myself :-) indulgent here!

rae dunn. said...

kathryn, don't get me wrong . . . there is DEFINITELY a time and place for a chocolate croissant !

Wi said...

Auntie Rae,

I also enjoy a cup of kefir in the morning. I consume a flavor consisting of pomegranate, acai, and strawberry...(Clover)


rae dunn. said...

william, is that YOU ?! i'm more of a purist and enjoy the single flavor of the fake strawberry . . . but that combo platter does sound yummy !