Friday, February 11, 2011

friday field trip (from the sketchbook).

berkeley, california

yixing teapots are so beautiful in their simplicity and functionality. my sister, who lived in china for a number of years, has a huge collection of them. did you know that traditionally, some Chinese would pour the tea from the spout directly into their mouths ? i love that visual.

though i fully intended to start my hiatus this year, i have been immersed in the studio working on collaborations with diva, jess, and terrain. i've never collaborated before, as i am the proverbial lone potter, but i am finding huge satisfaction in it. who knew ?


POUKÉ said...

I was about to ask you about your "hiatus" and what kind of beauty you were creating.... can we have a peek ?

rae dunn. said...

pouké ! we are overdue for a catch up. i'll post pics of these collaborations once they are finalized. but you are ALWAYS welcome to come by the studio to see work in progress.

Kathryn said...

Who could turn down those collaborations! Three of my favorites ... love the drawing. I have a 'little' collection when in China my hubby accidentally bought an entire display when he thought he was buying one!