Sunday, September 12, 2010

the ring.

i have spent a LOT of time digging through antique stores here in vermont and have come across many treasures. i bought this old ring the other day and am completely mesmerized by it. there is something about it that inspires me, moves me, satisfies me. maybe it has magical powers from the person who wore it long before i found it ? i love the fact that there is history behind this ring, and i hope the next person who gets to wear it feels the same way about it as i do.


Alicia said...

it's beautiful!!

Anonymous said...


BTW, I was having purusing some books in the craft/decorating section of Powells the other night. The first book featured YOU and the quilt you made from your daddy's shirts, and then the second one by Lotta Jansdotter had your art in it. I found it to be quite a coincidence. The greater world obviously finds you as delightful as I do.


rae dunn. said...

helen . . .

how funny. i love when things like that happen !

thanks !

Niomi N said...

Recently did a blog feature on you :

Will be putting in my custom order soon.


rae dunn. said...

T H A N K you niomi. so sweet !

tabbatha said...

hey! where in vermont are you? if you're in or near waterbury i invite you to swing by my shop and say hello...even though we don't know each other...yet!

tabbatha henry
92 stowe street

hope you're having a great trip!

rae dunn. said...

tabbatha . . . we are in mount holly, near ludlow. is that close to you ?!

tabbatha said...

hi rae,

no...ludlow is about 2 hours or so south of here...i'm in between montpelier and burlington.

oh well..perhaps next time!

enjoy this rainy day! perfect for perusing antique shops!

Kathryn said...

I keep seeing your work in various places too. Just yesterday, in fact! Handful of Salt's featured artist, April Higashi. She had one of your birth plaques. And of course in Lotta's new book (congrats on that!).
By the way, this beautiful ring looks exactly like my first wedding ring which I loved (I was so young when we married that I still growing!)

lula said...

Is for sale?
I love, I could buy that ring any way?